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US Martial Arts Grand National Association is not a tournament. It is a martial arts organization created to help promoters inspire more top rank competitors to come and compete in their tournaments. MORE DETAILS AND INFORMATION COMING SOON!

48th RMA Four Seasons Championship Open

When promoter Rick Moore of Columbus Ohio was in the process of planning the 48th Anniversary of the RMA Four Seasons Championship Open, he wanted it to be a martial arts tournament that all of the competitors, fans, and spectators in attendance would be excited to come and participate in. To make that happen, he did a few things that allow his tournament to turn out exactly the way he wanted to. He hosted lots of under black belt divisions, hosted a black belt grand champion event and offered a big cash prize to the winner. He also made sure to announce that MTC Video Promotions would be there to videotape his tournament from beginning to end… and it worked.
To see more exciting martial arts tournament video coverage go to: and on MTC Video Promotions YouTube Channel.

2022 Summer SuperBrawl IV Martial Arts Open

Martial Arts tournament competitors and spectators like those who attended Frank Charlillo’s 2022 Summer SuperBrawl IV Martial Arts Open rarely ever get to see all of the competition that takes place at the tournaments that they go and compete in. That’s because at many of the tournaments that they go and compete in, there is competition taking place in as many as 12 different rings at same time. But MTC Video Promotions is helping to solve that problem. In the video coverage that we provide, competitors are not only able to visit our Facebook page and see a lot of competition that took place, but many of them are also able to see themselves in action.

2022 PKC March Madness Karate National: March 19, 2022

The 2022 March Madness National Karate Championships which was held this past March 19th is another example of the kind of martial arts tournaments that the PKC Organizations are hosting and giving martial arts competitors of all Styles and Systems, ages groups, and rank levels, the perfect opportunity to go and compete and gain world class top rank status in weapons kata, forms, empty-hand kata, kumite, and several other forms of tournament style competition.

2022 King Cobra Karate Open

Bad weather prevented the usual huge number of competitors from going and competing in the King Cobra Karate Open this year. But the tournament was still bigger than most martial arts tournaments that are held on a good day. As far as the kind of competition that took place, well let’s just say, if you weren’t there, you missed a great one! But don’t worry. MTC Video Promotions has it all on video for you.

2021 UPMAC National Finals

Date: Saturday November 5, 2021
Location: Fredericktown, OH
Promoter: Jacques Tarr

2021 MVTA Grand Championship

Even the popular martial arts magazines can’t cover martial arts tournaments like MTC Video Promotions are covering them today. Just ask Grand Master Doug Yates, the promoter of the MVTA Grand Championship which was held this past December 4th in Xenia, OH. No matter what rank they competitors are, what style of martial arts they study and practice, how old or young they are, or what martial arts school they are from, there is around an 80 – 90 percent chance that they will see themselves in the video coverage when MTC Video Promotions covers the tournament. Be sure to check with the promoter to find out if MTC Video Promotions will be covering the next tournament that you plan to go to.

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