Why join and become a member of the US Martial Arts Grand National Association?

Membership is not required to either compete, or promote competitions as qualifying events in the US Martial Arts Grand National Championships.  However there are advantagous perks that come with membership. 

Competitors who join will receive <<list various things>> and will have a profile page that list their competition wins at qualifying competitions and the US Grand National Championship.  Additionally US Grand Nationals Association (USMAGNA) will maintain member competitors point standings from qualifying events, giving member competitors the advantage of balanced seeding based on their competition results from qualifying events.  USMAGNA will only maintain event records for members.

Promoters who become members gain the advantage of having their qualifying events promoted more prominently on the USMAGNA website and social media without additional costs.  Promoters who are not members can still have their events listed as qualifying events and have their competition results recorded, however they will incur an additional cost per event.  For the first year leading up to the US Martial Arts Grand National Championships membership for promoters is free.

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